मंगलवार, 30 अक्तूबर 2018

Upcoming Future Vestige 2.0 App

Vestige New App 2.0 with New Updates

                Launching Soon

This Diwali is very special for all of us with the launch of all New & Upgraded version of *Vestige 2.0 Mobile App*

Here are the Amazing features
⭐Single Mobile App which includes POS features to shop & signups.

⭐App is available in more than 10 different languages to suit your convenience

⭐Vestige 2.0 is on Cloud & would operate 24hrs 

⭐Vestige 2.0 would be fast, secure & reliable

⭐Vestige 2.0 would have all details of Down lines including their performance information

⭐All New banners & training Videos will be available in Vestige 2.0 and can be downloaded offline in App

⭐Vestige 2.0 allows us to send messages to Down lines on App to appreciate their work and also record testimonials

⭐For International sign ups, generation of unique referral code available to share with prospects to sign up conveniently

⭐1 screen view for all PV, BV and total joining with team information available

⭐Vestige 2.0 offers comparison of 6 months performance with current month.

⭐Vestige 2.0 allows e-kyc for new joining  (no paper work required)

⭐Vestige 2.0 would allow multiple gateway payment methods for easy payment options.

⭐Vestige 2.0 will also launch new products on App itself

⭐Vestige 2.0 allows us to make more than 5 Orders/Payments including of our downlines at 1 GO. ( history of orders can be cloned )

⭐Vestige 2.0 in March 2019 would launch voice recognition facility for placing orders online

⭐Vestige 2.0 offers Soft Search function for easy search of products while shopping

⭐Vestige 2.0 also have Demo video link for those who are using for 1st time

⭐Vestige 2.0 is integrated with all social Media for sharing information on new launches including Video's.

⭐Vestige 2.0 also will recognise the Top 5 payouts in our team for the month.

Vestige 2.0 would hold more than 400+ products for shopping.
History is already Created. *Vestige 2.0 will be the No 1 Mobile App* in India for Consumer Empowerment.

 Vestige 2.0 App link here

Click here to Download/Install Vestige 2.0 Android Application

           Wish You Wellth

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