Upcoming Future Vestige 2.0 App

Vestige New App 2.0 with New Updates

                Launching Soon
This Diwali is very special for all of us with the launch of all New & Upgraded version of *Vestige 2.0 Mobile App*
Here are the Amazing features
⭐Single Mobile App which includes POS features to shop & signups.

⭐App is available in more than 10 different languages to suit your convenience

⭐Vestige 2.0 is on Cloud & would operate 24hrs 

⭐Vestige 2.0 would be fast, secure & reliable

⭐Vestige 2.0 would have all details of Down lines including their performance information

⭐All New banners & training Videos will be available in Vestige 2.0 and can be downloaded offline in App

⭐Vestige 2.0 allows us to send messages to Down lines on App to appreciate their work and also record testimonials

⭐For International sign ups, generation of unique referral code available to share with prospects to sign up conveniently

⭐1 screen view for all PV, BV and total joining with team information available

⭐Vestige 2.0 offers comparison of 6 months performance with current month.

⭐Vestige 2.0 allows e-kyc for new joining  (no paper work required)

⭐Vestige 2.0 would allow multiple gateway payment methods for easy payment options.

⭐Vestige 2.0 will also launch new products on App itself

⭐Vestige 2.0 allows us to make more than 5 Orders/Payments including of our downlines at 1 GO. ( history of orders can be cloned )

⭐Vestige 2.0 in March 2019 would launch voice recognition facility for placing orders online

⭐Vestige 2.0 offers Soft Search function for easy search of products while shopping

⭐Vestige 2.0 also have Demo video link for those who are using for 1st time

⭐Vestige 2.0 is integrated with all social Media for sharing information on new launches including Video's.

⭐Vestige 2.0 also will recognise the Top 5 payouts in our team for the month.

Vestige 2.0 would hold more than 400+ products for shopping.
History is already Created. *Vestige 2.0 will be the No 1 Mobile App* in India for Consumer Empowerment.

 Vestige 2.0 App link here

Download/Install Vestige 2.0 App

           Wish You Wellth

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